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Mostly more cosmetic changes. Implemented style sheets. Added jokes section.

Its my birthday :). That means I get to spend some time coding and working on my web page.

I am now using frames. I have heard, and agree with the reasons not to, but I feel frames are an easier environment to develop a page in. I'll switch back when I have the page contents solidified.

I have completely updated the site to the new scheme today. Tell me what you think. I have the creators blessing, and Scorched earth versions 1.2 and 1.5 are now available for download in the files section. Its one of my all time favorite games...try it out. BTW, its only really fun if you play with a friend or few. I have also fixed a broken link or two today. Thanks Dustin for pointing it out:).

Content wise, the site hasn't changed, but it has undergone some major plastic surgery today. Expect the rest of the site to follow the new format soon.

I have been concurrently working on this page on both angelfire and geocities (I put a copy on angelfire because geocities won't let me sell things, and I want to sell my computer. I can't link you there, but If you are looking for one you can always find fireshakers page at It has been brought to my attention that the page is pretty darn boring anyway. I realize this...right now I'm just figuring out this html stuff and such, so until I have something people might be interested in, I will only be updating the geocities copy since they have a better front end.

Changed the counter. The old one was prettier, but slowed down the web page a bit. Changed backgrounds a bit. Added a few new links. Also changed my guestbook. Geocities rules seem pretty fiesty about outside banners, which the guestbook had. Don't want to upset the people giving me a free web page.

I am just getting this page together, and only have a few sections in place. I have a guestbook and a counter, and thats all that matters, right :). All the pages you can access are in working order, if not complete. So far I have just have a few links and a few downloadables. Over the next few days I expect to add a lot. Things to expect:
my resume, and a summary of my engineering research
lots of cool programs I've written
links to my favorite games, programming, and fun sites