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my old code archives
I live to code. This goes hand in hand with my love for games...I love to code games. I started in basic back in the trs 80, apple II, atari 800 days. My first program I typed out of a book, and didn't know the difference between the RETURN statement and key on the keyboard. I used these interchangably :). Never did work. I wrote lots of great names on all these platforms, and I realize now I should have published them, but I was a dumb 10 year old impressing his friends. That was a time when a dumb ten year old could write games at home alone that were nearly as good and fun as industry. Now the good stuff has teams of coders, artists, musicians, etc., and its formidable out there. When I moved to the PC I started craving power, which meant I learned C, Pascal, and Assembly for the hardcore graphics stuff. I liked demo's then, and wrote a few demo segments of my own, but never finished anything. I stopped for a while over the past few years, but have picked things up again lately. I learned Visual C++ and direct x inside a few weeks. I don't know everything yet, but I wrote a 3d flying game with music and sound effects. I should have done this for a living, but programming games didn't seem to be that proffesional, and who wants to code operating systems :). Nevertheless, I do have all the requirements for a computer minor at OU, but the minor didn't exist until after I got my BA. Let me know if you want me :). By the way, the minor was my suggestion :).

Here are some of the programs I've written. I am having trouble with lots of old, bad disks, including a hard drive,but I'll add more as I salvage or write it. They go from newest to oldest.

Paper Airplanes (208k)
3D Paper airplane game framework. Visual C++ and Directx 5. Requires directx 5.

Maze Solver (8k)
This is a path finder/maze solver algorithm I devised. Written in quick basic. I have always loved quick basic for a quick, easy implementation of an idea without worrying about derefferencing pointers and other garbage. It takes good care of you :).

3D Voxels Program (65k)
A hybrid of C and assembly language. Makes a little spaceship and rotates it around. Compiles with Watcom 10.0. Requires dos4gw.

Mode X demonstration program (84k)
A hybrid of C and assembly language to initialize mode x, load graphics, and scroll around. Compiles with Watcom 10.0. Requires dos4gw.

A tile based RTS game I never finished (159k)
A hybrid of C and assembly language. Compiles with Turbo C for dos. If you have a copy of Turbo C for dos, please let me know. Also includes 256draw, an old but really good drawing shareware program.

Opening Screen(75k)
A hybrid of pascal and assembly language. Opening screen for a game which I never used. Written in Turbo Pascal 7. If anyone has a copy of this let me know.

Dos4gw (144k)
Required to run some of the samples.