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my thoughts
I enjoy computer games, in particular strategy games. I have seen the best strategy games including Empire (a real old one on the mac, which I believe started it all. You could get it on the PC, but you need ansi or whatever, and I never could make that work.) After that I wrote a great game for the PC with a couple buddies, we called it War or something silly like that. In the finishing stages of production, civilization was realeased, which was basically the same idea (except we had lots more units>:), but much more refined and in general, awsome. We abonded development and played for months :). (Somewhere in here I played a lot of lemmings 2. If I ever saw a copy online cheap I might even repurchase that one.) After that came college, where I spent my freshman year playing dune II. For some silly reason I spelled my name in units on the minimap after I destroyed all but one building on the final levels. Even sillier, all my friends followed suit. Then Warcraft I/II, and Starcraft (some of the best-see Blizzard). I still play these too much. Mail me with any Staredit questions. You might think I left out some heavy hitters in strategy, but I just haven't liked the feel of ANYTHING else except Civ II, but I played Civ so much I'm still burnt out. Another notable game is Worms II, which seems silly to begin with, but I have seen the sun rise more the once after that game. (Worms 2 family tree is something like Super Artilerry (Apple II), War (same thing, by me, apple II), Scorched Earth (PC-an oldie but a must have, see files section), Worms.) I have also mudded, but I wouldn't recomend this. It is extremely enjoyable and dangerously addictive. I was maim on 3000. Hi to any of my old friends there. Finally just listing a few others, Tekken II, Zelda, Zelda 3, ... You can play these all on your pc, even full fledged arcade games. Just search for emulators or roms. Watch the legal stuff though.

Scorched Earth v1.2 (200k)
Scorched Earth v1.5 (700k)
This is a great game. I think version 1.2 is actually my favorite, but it runs much too fast on newer computers (if you are looking at this site you have a newer computer). My favoritism is mainly based on nostalgia anyway, 1.2 actually has a few less frills. Basically, up to ten players battle it out in tanks. Between rounds you can buy better weapons with money earned in combat. It isn't as spiffy as some of todays newer games, but it is VERY fun and playable.

Wedit95 (140k)
A Worms II weapons configuration editor which allows you to exceed normal configuration limits. My first Microsoft VC++ program.

Special Forces (85k)
A Starcraft mission I created which uses triggers to allow you to build special units and buildings not normally available.

Diablo Free For All (105k)
A Starcraft scm which uses triggers in a Blizzard map to allow 2 human players and 3 cpu players to play a free for all game. Its great fun to see cpu players attack each other.