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I'm great fun at parties!

*note* I recieve so many requests, I have written a firebreathing tutorial of sorts. I don't consider myself a professional, but I am quite experienced, very safe, and have never gotten burned. If you are interested, send me an email. If you convince me that you are mature, responsible, and realize that I am not liable for anything, I'll send it along!

Don't try this at home! Just because I lived doesn't mean you will! Seriously, this isn't too dangerous or crazy...IF you approach it right, know what you're doing, are careful, and use the right equipment. Really don't try this without can get hurt badly. The worst story I've heard is a bozo using butane, the flame shooting inside, and exploding him. Everclear (or any alchohol)=skin burns. These were all when I was first learning and not that soon as I get the chance I'll take some pictures of some really big bad fireballs ;).

Nice tight fireball

This ones a bit hot!

Concentration is the key

Fire and nudity

Want more?


Run Away! RUN AWAY!

Up is fun

Nice long one

Nice thick one

A baby burning ball

Hoffman Bikes Promo-nice shot

Hoffman Bikes Promo-lookin suave

Hoffman Bikes Promo



End-i like this one

My New Car-the bumpers

My New Car

My New Car