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*note* Half of these don't even exist anymore. Sigh. I'll go through and clean them up.

Oddly, very few of these are programming links...

Andy's art attack...A great site with nifty web page resources.
Andy's Art Attack! - Your One Stop Web Design Resource.

A site focused on creating 2D tile-based computer games for Windows 95/NT using DirectX and C++. Thats what he says anyway. This is the sight I used most learning DirectX.
  • Journals of a DirectX Junkie

    For Warcraft and Starcraft (Great RTS games).
    Blizzard Entertainment

    The Allotment. A great site for worms 2 Stuff.

    The Worms 2 website.
    Worms 2

    The Hornet Archive-an archive of demos, and coding stuff relevant to pure coding. If you've never seen a demo, definitely go download one. Second reality is my all time favorite, but it can be hard to get running on a '95 machine. Darn microsoft :P.
    The Hornet Archive