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I am working on a Ph D. in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on mold filling and composite materials at the University of Oklahoma. I will be finishing sometime this year, and will be seeking gainful employment. I also graduated with distinction with my bachelors in M.E. at OU, and with a Masters as Well. I have an aptitude for programming and the technical aspects of web design, (the artistic aspect, well you decide) and am interested in both of these areas as well. I have an impressive list of over 10 technical publications in the past year. I also have quite a bit of lab experience. Be sure to email me if you can provide any good opportunities or advice along these lines. See my résumé for more information.

I am 25 years old, my name is Kristian, and I am a Christian (people always seem to think thats funny, but less so as I get older. When I was introduced to a fine chap from India, who didn't speak english particularly well, he was highly confused, and said that he was Hindu. At this point I thought he was a zealot.) I am firm in my beliefs and willing to talk about them, but I try not to pressure people. It seems so many people with good intentions go about things in a way that tends to be counterproducive. I enjoy computers, coding, games, solving complex equations, athletics (participating, not watching), and weightraining. I also played the electric bass in a jazz band for quite a while, and was pretty good.