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Orbs of Attrition (aka Break Away 3D)

*note* This page is really old. Visit my software companies web page for much better information on this awesome game!

Orbs of Attrition is a bounce the ball around game for the new millenium. I was a bit distressed to find out that the original came back for a remake as well (I shoulda finished coding in August like I was supposed to :), but this is a completely new take on a classic and still the only one with true 3D graphics and gameplay. My goal is to create a game with proven great gameplay and feel, and use put it in a performance hardware environment. BA3D boast Direct3D graphics, 3d positional audio, shaders, multi source dynamic lighting, multiple play modes and win conditions, story driven play, multiple camera angles, alpha blending, realistic physics and collisions, variable difficulty settings, and much more. Take a peek at some developers screenshots and see for yourself...

When I get some time I'll move these into a better page loading time format. Sorry for now

NEW BATCH 2-3-00

As you can see, this time we're bouncing around in a box instead of a rectangle. It seems these jpg's lose a lot of the crisp graphics details, so I suppose future screenies will have to be the hi-res, slow download, bmp variety...

Here's a couple countdown targets.

Sniff. BA3D's first screenshot. Ball, box, paddle. Not quite a game yet, but my 3 year old could play it for hours. She loves the evil 'just lost the ball bonehead' laugh.

Another early screenshot. Lots of targets to bounce at in this one. Have I mentioned that the balls bounce off the paddle and targets realistically. With good aim you can precisely control your shots.

Did I mention story driven play. I always swore that I would code a game that used voxels. Notice the fire breathing avi in the corner :). Movies may or make make the demo due to size constraints.

Play in a more traditional side view mode if you like. This view looks great with my 3d shutter glasses. I got some from ELSA really cheap, and I love them.