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This site's central focus is computer game programming past (my old code-maybe fun to look at, but not too useful ;) and present, with an emphasis on graphics. My personal feeling is that the graphics engine is the thrust of the entire game, and the fun part to code. This is even more true with directx, where in many cases you can quickly setup quality sound, music, and input. To this end, I am developing project alpha, a comprehensive 2D special effects library. Except for the old stuff, I use VC++ with inline assembly, and directx. The point of game programming is to produce quality games, thus I've included a section on my favorites. I also have this silly notion that web design would be a nice career and I put anything I'm proud of in that section, (imagine me, in some tropical third world country, designing web pages ;). I tend to talk a lot, so if I seem too verbose, just scroll down... I try to put a clickable reward at the end of my spoutings.


Is this an update? Can it be. Going through the entire site. Things are all quite dated, so hopefully over the next bit there will be some good new pictures and content.


Uploading the joystick enabled version of the input library. Uploading particle effects/billboarding code. Lots of coding. Putting up so new BA3D pics as well. Enjoy.

Lot of BIG changes in the works. Expect a site facelift in the near future, and lots of new source code and gaming utilities content!!!

Coming soon...Break Away 3D!!! This will be my first attempt at mass distribution of a game. Source is complete, and is in Beta testing mode. May still need Beta testers if anybody's interested. Take a peek at the screenshots here

I've been playing a bit of QUAKE, and have a directx based md3 loader, viewer, converter etc. I'll be making available soon, complete with source. I'm just waiting on finishing up the final details on a universal model raw data format.

I have made my directx 7 input, sound, and error libraries available for download. Happy coding!:).

Lots of new pictures of Kayla uploaded today. Enjoy!

Heh there. Just updated the site with a new counter, and some graphical navigation aids. I decided people don't read, and just look at the pictures anyway :).

If its been a while since you've heard anything from me, its because I've been busy off in the tangible world. Take a look, you won't be dissapointed... New stuff in the family section as well.

Oh Yeah!!! Today I uploaded a working demo of project alpha. Only a few minor documented bugs. Hopefully all this new interest and demand will get me coding more. By the way, you must be in 16 bit mode to run it. Go to project alpha download it :).

You might be wondering what happened to me? Just been sorta busy with other things. I added a large segment on alpha blending and updated the family section quite a bit today.

Another pretty big update. The page no longer uses frames, thanks to a nifty little page generation utility you can find in the Web Design section.

Big update today. I have added a new starcraft map to the downloads section. My résumé is now available, I have added a web design section, and a family only section. The family section is protected by a nice little javascript I wrote over the weekend which you can find in the web design section. The protected page doesn't contain anything exciting...don't feel left out if you can't access it. Do take a look at the script though.

Mostly more cosmetic changes. Implemented style sheets. Added jokes section.